Geophysical surveys of Valenza

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At the end of the period of observance, study and caretaking of the archaeological sites in the communal area of Nuragus, from 2017 there have been a series of surveys performed with the idea to expand the reach of knowledge regarding these structures and those present in the territory.

The objectives of this project are those to make a more in-depth scientific awareness of Nuragus, in particular the locality of Valenza and it’s Nuraghe of the same name, the sacred well of Coni, the nuraghe Santu Millanu and the church of Santa Maria di Valenza.

The archaeological association Nura intends in these ways to raise awareness among the population, through knowledge of their own roots, the protection and value to the archaeological heritage of Nuragus and to bring the population closer to the institutions that work together to protect this heritage. The project will bring the implementation of archeological information found on the website of the town of Nuragus and provide information necessary for the future surveys and restoration work in the established dig sites.

On the 18th of February 2017, we received the authorization to begin the first on site surveys and digs on a piece of land flanking the church of Santa Maria di Valenza.

The surveyor Georadar was performed by the company Henge S.r.l. Heritage Engineering Geophysics, a spinoff of the University of Cagliari. Along with the supervision and technical approval of the town of Nuragus and the technical direction of the Comune of Nuragus and the technical direction of the cooperative society Società Cooperativa Ianus S.r.l.

As was stated in the normative, the results of the survey were transmitted to the archaeological authorities, the Ministry of Fine arts and Scenery of the city of Cagliari, the provinces of Oristano and Sud Sardegna, so that they can be used as a protection for the sites.

Ruins of the church of Santa Maria di Valenza. (photo by Daniele Pisu)

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