Snacks with the fairies

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On the 15th of June 2016 Nura and the library of Nuragus organized a tour of the archaeological sites of Nuragus: Snacks with the fairies.

At 4:30 PM children along with their parents, accompanied by the librarians and some of NURA’s staff left the library headed for the ramparts of the nuraghe Santu Milanu. Fifty minutes later the happy party reached the nuraghe were the archaeologist Alessandra Saba told stories to the children of the ancient monument and its secrets.

At the end of the story session, the children and their accompaniers opened their backpacks and shared a snack together.

After which, all those who were walking home, were enriched by this experience and perhaps with a thought towards those fairies who once shared this mystical structure as their home.

Poster of the event

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