Nuragus: Archaeology volunteers

Promote the knowledge, marketing and wealth of an archeological heritage

The project dominated “Nuragus: volunteer for archeology” was created in 2013. At its core is the work of the volunteers of the non-profit cultural association NURA and the cooperative society NURE – Integrated service for the archeology of Isili.

The objectives are those of favoring knowledge, marketing and promoting the wealth of the archeology of Nuragus with particular regard of the temple and sacred well of Coni and the nuraghe of Santu Millanu and Valenza.


Entrance of the sacred well of Coni in 2011


Entrance of the sacred well of Coni in 2018

The activities put into place contain the work, completely for free, of NURA’s volunteers and the professionals (specialized archaeologists and conservationist) of NURE. Specific activities: cutting grass, brush and trees and the reinforcing the fencing:

  • Cleaning and maintenance.
    Cutting of the vegetation at the site;
  • Documentations of photos and graphics.
    To be done with laser scanner and time flights.

As stated, the objectives of the project are to give a more profound scientific knowledge of the chosen archaeological sites for the use in promotion thanks to an improvement in their accessibility. The involvement on the part of NURA and the part of the local population who wished to give their time in the hope of raising awareness of the value of the archaeological heritage of Nuragus and the rediscovery of the territory.

Volunteers near the sacred well of Coni