Psychiatry meets archaeology

Archeotherapy is an innovation that tries to bring psychiatric patients or those with disabilities into contact with history, archeology and art.

On the base of an experience in 2014, in which some patients of the Mental Health Center of Ales, collaborated with volunteers from NURA on the maintenance of the archaeology sites as part of the project; Nuragus: Volunteering for archaeology, the non-profit NURA and the DSM of Oristano and the enterprise NURE have elaborated the project “Archae-logically.” The patients were assisted by archeologists, operators, educators and volunteers participating in an authentic archeological dig. They took an active part towards the conservation of the cultural heritage of the region with the objective to sustain and develop personal competence, social and civic fundamentals to reinforce their autonomy, the promotion of personal growth and their insertion in the work place and social participation.

Volunteers at the Sacred Well of Coni

The project includes also a rehabilitative phase and encourages socializing, through archeotherapy the patient is permitted to be an active participant in the work and all aspects that characterize research and archeological conservation.

The patients are the artifices of a project that has a wide objective: get the participants with disabilities interested in the story and culture of their own territory.