Spanish teenagers visiting the nuraghe

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On the 25th of May 2016, the non-profit association NURA had the pleasure of accompanying a group of Spanish and Sardinian youth in their visit of the sacred well of Coni and the nuraghe Santu Milanu.

These youth were participating in the project RurACT elaborated by the group Giovani del Sarcidano with the aim to open dialogue and debate between the Sardinian and Spanish teenagers along with people from the area about the nature of the development of the local area and rural tourism.

nuraghe Santu Milanu

Nuraghe Santu Milanu.

Accompanied by NURA guides, the youth were able to discover the two jewels of the Nuragus territory: the nuraghe Santu Milanu and the sacred well of Coni, a temple well of small dimensions but a fascinating story. The Milanu nuraghe was a four towered complex
which has a central tower which still stands erect on top of the rubble layer more than 6 meters in height.

Pozzo sacro di Coni

The sacred well of Coni, a well temple of small dimension but one that holds a fascinating history.

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