Geo-physical surveys

Known to raise awareness and promote

At the end of the general supervision and custody of the archeological sites of the territory of Nuragus, there were a series of programmed geophysical analysis performed with the objective to increase the knowledge of the eventual (undiscovered) archaeological structures in the territory.

The objectives of the project are those of a broadening of the scientific knowledge of the territory of Nuragus, in particular the area of Valenza and its nuraghe, the sacred well of Coni, the nuraghe Santu Milanu and the church of Santa Maria di Valenza.

Ruins of the church of Santa Maria di Valenza. (picture by Daniele Pisu)

The archaeological association Nura intends to raise awareness, through the appreciation of their own roots, to protect the archeological patrimony of Nuragus and to bring the population of the town closer towards the institutions that are there to protect that cultural heritage. The project makes archaeological information present on the web site of Nuragus and provides an important resource in hope for future digs and the work to restore the chosen sites.

On the 18th of February, the survey was authorized by the part of the Superintendent of Arts and Landscapes (Soprintendenza, belle arti e paesaggio) of the city of Cagliari and the provinces of Oristano and Southern Sardinia. Finally, the first surveys of the church of Santa Maria di Valenza were performed, an exciting moment for the association.

An image from the survey of the 18th of February 2017