Guided visit to the necropolis of Budragas of Asuni

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On the 31st of May, as part of the first edition of the Asuni Yoga Festival, the volunteers of NURA accompanied the visitors to the necropolis of Budrgas of Asuni.

The necropolis of domus de janas of Budragas, are found not far from the center of Asuni. It’s composed of diverse funerary tombs carved into the rock. They can be divided into two groups; one belonging to those of a larger dimension with numerous round and quadrangular rooms that communicate together through a central hall; the others instead of domus de janas, funerary caves that are much smaller and house only one cell.

his type of burial display was used from the IV millennium BC to the beginning of the II millennium and was an important place of worship.

The domus de janas of Budragas

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