Visit of students of the students of the Istituto Comprensivo di Lanusei

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On the 15th of May 2015 we had the pleasure to accompany the students from Lanusei, on the discovery of the Nuraghe Santu Milanu and the sacred well of Coni.

The visit was made possible because of the presence of the association NURA in the catalogue of Itinerari Iddocca – a special education experience that brings together the best of the local territory offering unique learning experiences, keeping in mind the interests of students and teachers.

nuraghe Santu Milanu

Nuraghe Santu Milanu.

Accompanied by NURA guides and guided by the fascinating anecdotes of Dr. Alessandra Saba the students were able to discover the two jewels of the Nuragus territory: the nuraghe Santu Milanu and the sacred well of Coni. The Milanu nuraghe was a four towered complex
which has a central tower that still stands erect on top of the rubble layer more than 6 meters in height.

Pozzo sacro di Coni

The sacred well of Coni, a temple well of small dimensions but one that holds a fascinating story.

The students were quizzed on archaeology and with patience they were able to decipher the secrets of the two monuments and the people that inhabited them.

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